Yoshinkan Karate-do is a powerful empty-hand and weapons system that focuses on the total development of the individual.

The philosophy and techniques of the Yoshinkan Dojo are based on the Okinawa Seitou Karate-do system of Takahashi Eishu Hanshi, a direct disciple of the founder of Shudokan, Toyama Kanken Sensei. The goal of training is to cultivate mind, body and spirit within the framework of an established and effective system of combat. Yoshinkan Karate-do is non-competitive and maintains the spirit and integrity of Budo (Japanese martial ways).


The Okinawa Seitou Karate-do of the Yoshinkan Dojo is a fluid and powerful empty-hand and weapons system. Adult classes consist of rigorous training in the basics of karate-do with the aim of building a healthy mind, body and spirit. There are no competitions or tournaments in the Yoshinkan Dojo, and practitioners are encouraged to train at their own pace in a traditional Japanese martial arts environment. The techniques are based on natural body movements utilizing evasive maneuvers and powerful “whole-body” strikes. As a form of personal defense, Okinawa Seitou Karate-do is extremely effective. The ultimate aim of training, however, is to develop a peaceful nature and to strive to reach your personal best in all aspects of life. Practitioners find that the relaxation techniques and vigorous exercise lead to improved health and reduced levels of stress, and many experience a profound sense of inner strength and mental calm as a by-product of their training.


Fleetwood Community Center
15996 84th Avenue, Surrey, B.C

Class times:

Wednesdays 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Saturdays 11:00 am to 12:00 pm